Dhammārāma: home of the Buddha's teaching

Dhamma – Buddha's teaching – has been inspiring us for decades. That's why we want to establish a meditation centre, that will become its real "home", Dhammārāma. Meanwhile we succeed in providing at least a temporary one: at meditation retreats, Dhamma talks and at the meditation groups meetings.

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Upcoming events

  • Loving-kindness for everyday life

    Instructors: Venerable Nagasena, PhDr.Roman Hytych, Ph.D., Samana Hita

      PadmaFarma - Bělá u Jevíčka

      27. 9. 2018   30. 9. 2018


    The object of this retreat is training loving-kindness meditation. Retreat is also suitable for beginners and helpful for those who are plannig to take part in "two-weeks" and longer...

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