Mindfulness Hub in Brno: almost finished

Feburary, 12th 2020 - After a year of preparations, meetings and discussions we are almost finished. We found  beautiful rooms for the Mindfulness Hub in Brno and right now there is some construction work going on – of course under a professional architectural supervision. We have something to look forward to!

What is the Mindfulness Hub?

A spacious meditation hall and three offices for psychotherapists, who work with mindfulness in their therapeutic practice. Brand new restrooms, a small bathroom, a kitchen and a waiting room. All this in the Brno city centre, on the first floor of a 120-year old house.

Why Mindfulness Hub?

1. A step further to fulfill our dream

We will move a little further in realizing our goal of building Dhammarama as a "refuge of Dhamma". We will be able to use our own meditation hall whenever we need –  for the meditation group sessions, individual meditation of our members, weekend events and retreats with our teachers.

2. Better facilities for visiting monks

It will be easier for us to invite and host the venerable monks of Birmingham Buddhist Vihara. We will provide them with a dignified background – both for Dhamma talks and acommodation. We will no longer "hide" the monk in a private flat, but it will be possible to visit him in the Mindfulness Hub. Right now we are discussing the ritual opening of the center as part of the Vesakha celebrations (in May 2020).

3. Teachers nearby

One of the greatest benefits of the Mindfulness Hub  will be our lay teachers. Their therapeutic office will be closer to the meditation hall, so they will be able to teach Dhamma more often. They already plan morning or noon meditation groups or  weekend retreats.

But of course we need to pay for all our expenses (rent, refurbishment and equipment) - relying only on donation seems not very clever to us. Therefore, we would like to offer free capacity of offices and meditation hall for similar activities (therapy, focusing courses, yoga, etc.).

We thank all our generous donors. We wouldn't have manage it without your gift. Of course, we send many thanks to our team for hundreds of hours of selfless work. And also thank our teachers for taking the risk and for supporting  the entire center – and not only by paying their rent.