Spring retreat

Mgr. Zdeněk Trávníček, Ph.D., Samana Atari

  Penzion statek Široký důl

  2. 4. 2021   5. 4. 2021


The object of this retreat is obtaining personal strength by systematic cultivation of tranquility (mindfulness of in- and out-breathing meditation (ānāpāna-sati), walking meditation (cankamana) and loving-kindness meditation (mettā-bhāvanā) based on ethical training. The retreat is suitable not only for beginners but also helpful for those who are plannig to take part in "two-weeks" and longer retreat. Retreat starts on Friday evening and ends on Monday morning.

Penzion statek Širký Důl


Food and accomodation - 3 525,- Kč

The price includes: food, accomodation and service. Teaching of Dhamma does not include the price. It is your Dhamma instructors' gift. It is only up to you if you decide to give something to your teachers. Any kind of giving (dana) is very appreciated, welcome and it is nice feedback for your teachers and managers as well.

The types of payments:

  • Payment on an account 2401518811 / 2010, Variable symbol is your date of birth
  • To save your money on international bank transfer fee, contact manager of retreat (for example via email) and ask for payment in cash at the beginning of retreat.


Deadline for retreat registration is 26-th March. Sign in our on-line application. In case of any difficulties, please contact the manager of retreat:
Miroslav Svojanovský
phone: +420 605 932 139
After registration you will get further information.


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