Dhammārāma: home of the Buddha's teaching

Dhamma – Buddha's teaching – has been inspiring us for decades. That's why we want to establish a meditation centre, that will become its real "home", Dhammārāma. Meanwhile we succeed in providing at least a temporary one: at meditation retreats, Dhamma talks and at the meditation groups meetings.

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Upcoming events

  • The source of human problems and its relationship with mind: how to overcome our problems

    Dhamma talk by Ven. Dr. Nagasena

      Knihovna Jiřího Mahena, Kobližná 4, Brno, 5. poschodí

      26. 9. 2018

    Bhante Nagasena Bhikkhu is an educated and dedicated Buddhist monk who was born in 1970 in the Chittagong Hill Tract which lies on the Bangladesh/Burmese border. He ordained as a novice (monk) at the...

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  • Loving-kindness for everyday life

    Instructors: Venerable Nagasena, PhDr.Roman Hytych, Ph.D., Samana Hita

      PadmaFarma - Bělá u Jevíčka

      27. 9. 2018   30. 9. 2018


    The object of this retreat is training loving-kindness meditation. Retreat is also suitable for beginners and helpful for those who are plannig to take part in "two-weeks" and longer...

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